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Private Hire - Rules, Terms & Conditions

You, the group leader understand and agree to the following:

Please arrive no more than 10 minutes before your session to change and we ask that you leave no more than 15 minutes afterwards. Please limit the time spent in the Viewing room to maintain privacy of other Private Hires. Please respect residents and do not walk around the grounds.

Footwear must be removed in the viewing room and not worn inside the changing rooms.

Food and Drink must not be consumed in the changing rooms or swimming pool area.

Glasswear of any kind must not enter the building.

Please take all belongings into the pool room with you. Do not leave belongings in the changing rooms. The Lakeside Pool holds no responsibility for anyone's personal belongings.

Strictly no throwing of any object in the pool room.

Inflatables/Swimming aids are permitted but strictly no hard objects. No dinghies or very large inflatables! Pool Noodles can be used as floatation devices but not as toys as they damage the ceiling. 

Dive Sticks and other hard objects are not permitted!

Horse Play, Running and Diving is not permitted. Ball games are not permitted, even soft ones!


Lone swimming is not permitted, a minimum of 2 adults is required. 

Please be aware there is an electric fence around the lake to keep otters out. PLEASE KEEP YOUR CHILDREN AWAY FROM THE FENCE.

This is an unmanned pool with no lifeguard, therefore all persons swim at their own risk. The Lakeside Pool will not be held liable for any accidents, injury or death.

The depth of the pool is 1.2 meters throughout.

All adults in the group should be made aware that a phone is located in the viewing room, in an emergency use it to call 999.

The following Adult to Child Swim ratio applies; (Please note a minimum of 2 adults is still required)

  • Age 0-3 must be accompanied on a one adult to one child basis

  • Age 4-7 must be accompanied on a one adult to two children basis

  • Age 8-15 must be accompanied on a one adult to three children basis

We strongly recommend that any child who is not a confident swimmer be accompanied on a one to one basis.

Hen and stag parties are not permitted.

The pool hoist is to be used at your own risk. Please notify us in advance if you wish to use the hoist as it is only available upon request.

For everyone's safety and security CCTV is in operation.

The First Aid kit is located in the viewing room. All accidents must be written in the accident book and The Lakeside Pool must be notified as soon as possible.

Any equipment must not be tampered with. Any damages must be reported to The Lakeside Pool as soon as possible.

Users not yet fully toilet trained or incontinent must wear a 'Double Nappy'. This is a disposable swim nappy with a snug fitting neoprene nappy (or other similar fabric) on top. All nappies including swim nappies must be taken home.

All long hair must be tied up in the pool. 

All swimmers must shower and use the toilet before entering the pool. 

Please be considerate to other pool users and leave all areas how you would like to find them.

Fire exits are located in the viewing room and swimming pool room. In the event of a fire the assembly point is the car park. 

Private hire sessions, block bookings and parties are non-refundable.

If you are using the session to provide a service of any kind, please contact us first for insurance purposes.

Anyone not abiding by these terms and conditions may be asked to leave and banned from using The Lakeside Pool.

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